get to know ...james!

In the first edition in a series of Staff Profiles, we get to know the Owner - James (or Jimmy as he is also known).


James is your quintessential “Australian Butcher” – but friendlier, funnier, very knowledgeable, and by his own admission is always “pleased to meet you, with the meat to please you!”


He’s also a huge Central District man! Not in stature, but in heart.


You may have guessed this from colour scheme of the shop, logo, website and so on.


Like all of J&S Quality Meats’ Staff, James is well known for his Customer Service, smiling face and knowledge of his products.  


James has a whopping 42 years-worth of experience in the industry.


After starting out as a young “fella” (15 years old) at Blue Ribbon Smallgoods, with a great Butcher in Graham Dreyer, he worked with “Tutors” Jim and Mike who affectionately named him “Little Jim”.


Memories of that first job include: The wooden block – cleaning it every night! The wooden floor in the Fridge, and the sawdust on the floor.


James grew up in Salisbury North – home of the “Mighty Fighting Hawks”, and his favourite past-times as a teenager were footy, and music.


Something tells us that when, and if, he gets time in-between running the shop, his love of music may also be a “current passion”.

He still loves playing Vinyl records and CD’s!

James' favourite band!

His first ever car was a Mini Cooper, which he says was proudly turned from a $500 “bomb” into a $2500 “mean machine”. He recalls fuel for the week being just $3 (18c a litre).

His favourite meals involve meat, of course! They are Steak (be it Rump or Scotch Fillet), and Chicken Schnitzels.


When asked if he can cook these meals himself he answered “Yes – expertly!”.

(We didn’t dig any deeper in regards to who makes the salad, veggies and/or the condiments).

His favourite Sporting teams are (in the exact order he wrote them down in):

  1. Central District

  2. Central District Reserves

  3. The Crows


He is also a big supporter of many other local Sporting Teams and organisations. If you are a regular customer you will notice his array of local team polo shirts which he often wears underneath his butcher’s apron. Central United Footy and Cricket Club, Salisbury North Footy Club, Virginia Cricket Club - and the list goes on!!

A mini similar to Jim's first car. It was a red one... because they go faster!!

He says the most enjoyable part of his job is “MEATing different people every day”. “I have made good friends with many customers over the 42 years” Jim said.


The silliest thing he has ever done at work is lost a bet and had to crumb his face in beer batter and bread crumbs.

(For those wondering – yes the batter was thrown out afterwards).


Another funny story is the time a customer said he “looked like one of the Bee Gees” – to which Jim replied “Which one? – the dead one?”


His two favourite quotes are “Life is like a box of chocolates”, and of course “GO U Dogs”.


His favourite all time song is “Hey Jude” by The Beatles.


No matter what is happening in his busy week, he enjoys coming to work and always looks forward to “a good day”.


His favourite thing about Elizabeth is that "everyone knows somebody that you know". It’s a very small world, and a great community.


Jim has a beautiful wife, affectionately known as “The S in J&S Quality Meats”, and 2 kids now aged 33 and 30.


The most satisfying thing he has helped a customer with, is helping a lady get to her first day of work, by changing a car tyre for her. She came back later with a JB HI-FI voucher.


If you haven’t been into J&S Quality Meats before – you should do so!


You’ll experience great customer service, great quality at affordable prices.


And one thing is also guaranteed. If you ask Jim “how he is” - he will respond with “All the better for you asking”!

Perhaps James was ahead of his time with this one?

With 42 years in the industry, James has seen a few things. Head in and tap into his product knowledge this week!

Pic at top of page: James with Central District Footballer Brendan Dew