get to know ...ben!

Butcher Ben (Benny) Powell has 18 years of experience – and he’s multi-talented!

He can cook, clean, and he’s good in bed!

(Just ask his wife – she admits that he can sleep for hours!!)

But, to anyone who is a regular visitor to J&S Quality Meats Elizabeth South, there is no doubt that it is Ben’s customer service which is his #1 attribute.

Ever smiling, and only to happy to help you with whatever it is you need, he can tell you what you’re buying and what you can do with it! 

You only have to look at his recipe’s and cooking tips on the Shop’s website to see that he knows his stuff where cooking (and in particular, meat) is concerned. He can cook on gas, electric, fire, coals and smoke… You name it he can cook it! 

And, if he hasn’t had the pleasure of trying something yet, he’d be only to happy to “have a crack” at it over a weekend coming soon and let you know how it goes.

He recently purchased is own ‘smoker’ to experiment on weekends – he aptly named it ‘R2 Smoke 2’. See pic below and you’ll see why!


'r2smoke2' - Ben's Smoker

His first ever job was actually “door to door” selling lollies. 


He then plied his trade at McDonald’s (where many a career starts out), before becoming a “wash-up boy” at the Butcher Shop. 


His first memories of the Butcher Shop was having a drink after work, whipping each other with tea towels, and driving his remote control car in the mall to the bottle shop, getting drinks put in it, then driving it back to the shop!


Ben grew up in Elizabeth Vale.


His favourite past-times as a teenager was working on cars, listening to music and riding his bike. 

His first car was a LH Torana – he only ever drives Holden’s. 

The Torana was faded orange. He upgraded to a VC Commodore, then a VK Commodore, before going “one step backwards” to get “two steps forward” in his eyes  - his pride and joy - a Gold VH Commodore – a car which was undoubtedly his favourite. He still misses that car now!

His favourite meal is Rump Steak with Mushroom Gravy. Of course he can cook it. He quite likes to do it “low and slow”. 

His favourite sport is Hockey. His favourite sporting teams are Aussie Rules ones - Central District and Port Power. 

His favourite part of the job is being able to help people with day to day problems, or just simple cooking tips. 

Ben's pride and joy - Everyone in Elizabeth loves a good Commodore!!

The silliest thing he has ever done at work is repairing a hot plate. He took it outside, turned it on. It was fine for about 10 seconds - and then it blew the shop’s power out! 

His other memorable moments are:

1.    A customer once asked “Why is it called Gravy Beef?”
– he responded with “That’s because when you cook it, gravy comes out”
2.    His other one is the joke “How do you keep an idiot waiting?”
… he reckons he’ll tell us the answer later!!!

The best quote he has ever heard is “Perseverance Prevails”.

His favourite ever song is “Into my arms” by Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds.
(He can often be heard singing it when the pork roast is ready to come off the heat. Or to his wife of course!!)

His favourite past-time now is heading to his Shack with his Wife and Kids, plus fishing and messing around.

What makes Ben such a friendly face behind the counter is that he loves to have a laugh and has a great sense of humour. He’ll often be found behind the counter, with a customer laughing on the other side. 

His favourite thing about Elizabeth is where he works. 

He has a lovely wife, and 2 kids. 

The most satisfying thing he has helped customers with is delivering to a few that can’t get out of the house. He enjoys sitting down with them and having “a cuppa”.

If you haven’t yet – or don’t regularly enough, you should head in to J&S Quality Meats, Elizabeth South and see Ben. He’ll be happy to share a joke, or some cooking tips with you. 

J&S prides themselves on great service, great meat and great staff (not just Ben, but everyone)!

It was a "dark day" in the shop's history when Ben repaired the hot plate!!

With over 18 years in the industry, why not head in and tap into Ben's product and cooking knowledge this week?!